Sally F. Jackson RN, HRN, CLNC, CPT

A Registered Nurse of 47 years; tells her story.

I have seen all areas of health care and look at health improvement as the job we all must take on for ourselves. After all no one knows you better than you. We must be our own best friend and advocate if we want to live a long healthy life. So, I set out to do just that for myself. My own research gave me better nutrition and a healthier lifestyle, but it wasn’t until I developed an auto-immune disorder that I considered using hyperbaric therapy. I met Dr. Jason Sonners and he became my mentor. I started using hyperbaric treatments to combat my auto-immune problem. It only took 2 treatments to see actual results.

Today I have full control of my auto-immune disorder. I opened the Hyperbaric Healing Center to give others the benefit of healing from within. The oxygen provided by hyperbaric therapy reduces the inflammation found in all injuries and disease processes in the body. Oxygen also stimulates the formation of white blood cells and human growth hormone, allowing the body to heal itself.

No one is immune to disease, breakdown or damage to the human body, no matter what your age. But the use of hyperbaric therapy will give your body the tools it needs to remain healthy and strong, with the ability to combat injury and disease from within,