Hyperbarics and Oxygen
It has come to my attention that there is some confusion in understanding the use of hyperbarics and oxygen.
Let me first state that hyperbarics can be used without oxygen. It can also be used with low flow (30%) oxygen and high flow (100%) oxygen. Each has its own effect.
When you use a hyperbaric chamber alone you still liquify the oxygen in the air that you breathe (21% room air oxygen). This will give you a better night’s sleep and maybe a little more energy for your muscles but that’s the extent of your treatment. With oxygen applied by nasal canula (30% oxygen) the response will be about the same.
Keep in mind that it’s the OXYGEN that is important here, the oxygen is what lowers inflammation in the body, so if you’re looking to treat long standing inflammation like arthritis, cognitive loss, pre & post-surgery, tissue damage and even cancer, then large amounts of oxygen are required to saturate the tissues involved. That’s when you need 100% oxygen, provided by a mask with an oxygen non re-breather.
By saturating the tissues with oxygen, we can lower and eliminate inflammation which is the root cause of 90% of all illnesses.
So, when you are looking for hyperbarics to treat a problem look at what you want to treat. Understand that many companies offer hyperbarics without oxygen, the use of oxygen requires a doctor’s prescription and oversite by certified medical personnel. Generally, most companies charge similar structured prices, so if you want to treat an inflammatory problem, then use facilities that offer 100% oxygen and get more bang for your buck.