Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and/Cancer

Writen by: S. Jackson RN. HRN, CLNC, CPT,

Cancer is a growing problem in this country and around the world. In the last few years general as well as alternative medicine has begun to embrace the anaerobic respiration theory that gives function to cancer. Damage to cell structure with the loss of 50% or more mitochondria, within any cell in the body will give rise to anaerobic metabolism. Seen as the fermentation of sugar to create energy for the cell to remain alive.

With this in mind, the presence of large amounts of oxygen around that anaerobic cancer cell will prevent the cell from movement, restrict the cell from obtaining the needed sugar to maintain it’s very survival, and ultimately cause the cell to shrink and eventually die.

Just think of cancer as the bully in the school yard, and oxygen is the yard patrol who sits on the bully saying you are not allowed to move, we won’t feed you, you don’t belong here, so we will stay here with you until you dry up and disappear.

Basically, that’s how hyperbaric oxygen therapy works, surrounding the cells with large amounts of oxygen, preventing it from reaching out to get food, or even moving to another spot. It also increases the effectiveness of Vitamin C therapy as well as enhancing general chemotherapy uptake.

This effort also gives all healthy cells more energy and prevents damage while the cancer is being treated. This means less side effects from standard as well as alternative chemo treatments, protection from radiation damage to healthy cells, and cancer shrinkage so surgical removal can be successful.

So how does hyperbaric oxygen therapy work?

It’s not complicated and has been studied for 300 years. When the body is placed in a pressurized environment and given 100% oxygen to breathe, the oxygen molecules wil shrink and form a liquid which then travels throughout the body in the blood plasma. Depending on the length of time the body si exposed ot high oxygen, the tissues of the body wil become saturated with that oxygen. This is the bully patrol sitting on that tumor. This oxygen is 5 times the amount of oxygen obtained in one breath of room air, and with each breath of high oxygen it will continue to saturate the tissues. Giving your body what it needs to put cancer in its place.