What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy  (HBOT):

Hyperbaric therapy  is a medical treatment which uses high flow oxygen in a low-pressure environment.

It enhances the body’s natural healing ability.

In the chamber, increased pressure forces oxygen you are breathing into your blood plasma, as a result you have more oxygen available in your blood for your body to use in healing. Increased mitochondrial function for longer cellular life.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is similar to diving underwater with oxygen. This is why a treatment is often referred to as a dive.

There are over 100 different medical conditions you can treat using hyperbarics, Some examples are:
Alzheimer’s, Neurological Injuries & disease, Arthritis, Cardiovascular disease, Pulmonary disease, Autoimmune diseases, Traumatic injury (Sports Injuries), Cancer (Preventing growth and spread while under other treatments), Reduces and stops damaging inflammation caused by Type 2 diabetes. 


Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy:

  • Speeds Healing
    • Accelerates the body’s natural healing process for wounds, injuries and surgeries.
    • Increases the amount of oxygen to injured tissues or parts of the body with poor circulation.
  • Reduces Swelling & Bruising with enhanced healing
  • Reduces Pain & Discomfort
  • Assists White Blood Cells in Fighting Infection
  • Increases the Formation of New Blood Vessels
  • Increases Collagen & Stem Cell Production
  • Promotes Greater Tissue Strength


What is a hyperbaric chamber and what does it do?

A hyperbaric chamber is an enclosure that a person climbs into and lays down, that person is given a lightweight mask that covers the nose and mouth. This is where that person can breathe 100% oxygen while the body is at levels above normal atmospheric pressure. The goal here is to saturate the blood plasma (the liquid contents of blood) with enough liquid oxygen to reduce inflammation, repair tissues and restore body functions. While the user is in the chamber breathing 100% oxygen under increased pressure, those oxygen molecules reduce in size and liquify, as they enter the blood stream. Thereby giving the body five to ten times the normal supply of oxygen with every breath.

When would someone use a hyperbaric chamber?

When the body’s cellular processes are compromised by injury, illness, or even the natural aging process, hyperbaric chambers provide a way to dramatically increase the amount of oxygen available for our bodies to work efficiently. Oxygen is the primary tool used by the body for healing.

Injury (inside and outside the body) as well as illness, results in inflammation; the primary culprit that causes delayed or even loss of healing. Oxygen rich blood will reduce that inflammation so the tissues can heal. While oxygen will increase the body’s own mechanisms for healing, with increased red and white blood cells, stimulating infection fighting cells, and an increase ni the formation of human growth hormone as well as human stem cells resulting in the growth of new tissue.