Sports of any kind, whether it be weightlifting, football, team sports, or individual competition, injuries are always a concern. Repetitive injuries are damaging to tissue, making it more difficult for health maintenance and recovery. Each injury to tissue, be it muscle tendon or even bone can be resolved with the proper use of hyperbaric oxygen treatments.

The production of human growth hormone and collagen is stimulated with the consistent use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Inflammation as a result of injury, can be reduced significantly, and healing of the involved tissues is activated by the 100% oxygen provided by the use of hyperbarics.

This covers all areas of the body, including traumatic brain injury. Rapid recovery from concussions, as a result of traumatic head
injury, can be achieved with immediate treatment. While recovery from sprains, tears and bone fractures is significantly shortened to
one half the normal healing time.

The use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy with 100% oxygen will create a flow of liquid oxygen in blood plasma, that can saturate the injured tissues, resulting in a reduction in inflammation of the involved tissue and at the same time stimulate the bodies own natural healing mechanisms, including the formation of human growth hormone, which in turn stimulates stem cells necessary for tissue repair.

So if you are into sports and have one or more injuries, then hyperbaric oxygen therapy will get you back into the gym or out on
the field in a very short period of time. With healed injuries and stronger, healthier tissues.