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We understand that the needs of every client are different. As such, we do a medical evaluation to discuss and identify the best course of treatment with you, ensuring that our treatment plan is tailored to fit your specific needs. All clients are monitored throughout entire treatment process including pre & post vital signs.

Initial Evaluation: Includes a one-on-one medical evaluation, teaching materials and a 60-minute trial in the chamber post evaluation.

Inflammation – Short burst recovery from injuries or soft tissue damage, including pre- and post-surgery.
Average number of treatments is 5 to 10 @ 72 minutes per treatment.

Rehabilitation – Long term for chronic injuries or illness, with stimulated healing.
Average number of treatments is 10 to 20 @ 72-90 minutes per treatment.

Saturation and Super Saturation – Extended healing for severe injuries or illness with “health maintenance & longevity”. This involves a longer time in the chamber allowing a mega dose of oxygen into your blood plasma thus having a more lasting effect between treatments.

Saturation – Commonly used for significant tissue damage and when new tissue is required (stem cell stimulation).
Average number of treatments is 10-40 @ 90 minutes per treatment.

Super Saturation – Decrease inflammation with natural healing stimulation for severe and chronic deep tissue injuries.
Average number of treatments is 20-40 @ 120 minutes per treatment.

Initial Evaluation: $85.00
72 minutes- $117.00
90 minutes- $147.00
120 minutes- $196.00
Discounts available for multiple treatment purchases.

LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP- Starts after 50 treatments for $80 per 60-minute treatment for life! All treatments apply towards lifetime membership.

We love our Veterans!! 100% Disabled Veterans receive FREE treatments! Up to 4- 90min. treatments per month for 6 months for a total of no more than 24 treatments in a 6-month period. Must pay for initial evaluation. Must provide proper ID verification. All other Veterans receive 10% off any purchase.

*All treatment purchases are open ended for 1 year from date of purchase and non-refundable after purchase.
Treatment regimens are determined at time of evaluation. Treatment response will vary with each individual.


Our lounge / vital area.

It’s comfortable and you will more than likely see relaxing ocean imagines and soft music on the TV.